PTCAMP77 Was introduced to the 77 family in February 2012. PTCAMP77 is our indoor personal training option when the weather turns nasty or when the client has SPECIFIC GOALS that require the use of our studio equipment. Our first preference when it comes to “one on one” Personal Training is to have the client outdoors using the same sort of equipment that is used at our Boot camp sessions……….


It works!!!

With the use of tyres, ropes, logs, resistance bands, agility ladders & sand bags we will have you working out in an environment that will take you way out of your comfort zone. Not to mention natures little surprises in sand, hills, and mud. By mixing these two together we have found this is a recipe for SUCCSESS!

What are the benefits of PTCAMP77:

– Ideal if you don’t wish to train in a group environment.
– Perfect if you have Sports specific goals in mind.
– It’s a great way to work on and improve your exercising technique.
– A great way to target those “problem areas”.

What to bring:

– Clothes that you feel comfortable to train in.
– A towel and drink bottle
– A C.D or music of your choice to train to – after all, it’s your Personal Training session.

PTCAMP77 is the best of both worlds. Clients have the option to train in a park that feels like it was almost designed for boot camp style training in mind, or head a few meters away into the professionally equipped STUDIO to train with BOOTCAMP77 flair!


Ok first things first. Your 1st session is a FREE 20 minute Consult with one of our PT’s telling you a little about ourselves, our studio, equipment used, that sort of thing. Then we will both create a healthy Fitness Plan that’s A) Achievable and B) Tailored to YOUR needs. What are you waiting for?


OK… Here’s the nasty bit!
As PTCAMP77 is a Kick-arse place to train we have people on a waiting list just to attend a session. Soooooo if you decide to cancel your PT Session without giving 12 Hours notice a $25.00 Cancellation fee will apply. No show: Full PT Session price and no make up session. If this becomes a frequent occurrence you run the risk of losing your spot all together.